Product Name: Traffic Light Set - Double Lamp
Product Catalog:
Product Line: RailKing
Product Item Number: 30-1089-2
Price: $34.95
Delivery Status: Delivered July 2013
Product Description:

Traffic Light Set - 2 types: Single Light (2) per card and Double Light (2) per card

Product Copy:

These O Scale operating traffic lights bring your layout's busy intersections under control. The synchronized lights will allow traffic to flow at any cross street when connected to the included Traffic Light Electronic Control Box. Wiring is simple thanks to color coded preassembled harnesses. Just plug the harnesses into the control box and you're ready to take control of that dangerous intersection. Operates with on 12 - 20 volts AC power.

Product Features:
  • Intricately Detailed ABS Traffic Light Body
  • Metal Poles
  • Synchronized Green, Yellow, Red LEDs
  • Preassembled Wire Harnesses
  • Traffic Light Electronic Control Box Included
  • Sets Up In Minutes
  • Operates With Any AC Power Supply With 12 - 20 Volt AC Accessory Ports
  • 1:48 Scale Dimensions
  • Each Signal Measures:5” high
Product Price: $34.95


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