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DCS Digital Command System
While DCC has certainly helped shape the direction of command control operation, M.T.H. Electric Trains raised the bar by inventing an easier to use, but far more innovative Digital Command System that we call DCS. Simply stated, DCS is the most advanced and user-friendly model railroad layout control system available in model railroading today. DCS provides operators - from beginner to seasoned veteran - with the ability to achieve realistic operation heretofore unknown in the hobby.

With DCS you can control every HO, O Gauge and One-Gauge locomotive equipped with Proto-Sound 2.0 or later on your layout, independently, all at the same time. So, if you are into multiple gauges, one handheld system can control all of your trains if they are equipped with Proto-Sound 2.0 or later.

DCS will allow you to control hundreds of features found inside a Proto-Sound 3.0 equipped HO locomotive including lighting, chuff rate or diesel rev level, sound, and smoke volume for each locomotive. Setting true scale speed settings is easy with DCS, simply dial up a specific scale speed using the DCS handheld and your Proto-Sound 3.0 HO engine will travel at that speed. Don't believe it, then get out a tape measure and stop watch and time your locomotive's speed, scale the result to 1/87 and you should get the same scale speed number displayed on the DCS remote. Multi-unit operation is simple. Create your consist using the DCS handheld by simply "picking" engines from the list inside the remote. Once created, they will all act as one. Want to demonstrate action on your layout? With DCS, you can record all the action and play it back later for your friends and family. Everything you do with the remote to make the engine operate is remembered!

Model railroad operators have hailed DCS as a leading technology advancement sure to maintain the growth of one of the world's oldest hobby categories. Thanks to DCS, hundreds of easy-to-use programmable features inside M.T.H. locomotives equipped with Proto-Sound 3.0 are now accessible. Operating a model railroad takes on an almost video-game like feeling as these exciting features give the user true interactive control over his miniature empire and are unmatched by any other system currently on the market.

So come along and experience the revolution that is DCS!

The Proto-Sound 3.0 Sound System includes exciting new train control features accessible with the DCS system:

  • 9 Independent Volume Control Settings
  • 16 Adjustable Chuff Rate Settings
  • 3 Adjustable Smoke Intensity Settings
  • Adjustable Brake Sound Effects
  • Adjustable Wheel "Clickity-Clack" Sounds
  • 15 Programmable Custom Sounds
  • 4 Adjustable Diesel Engine Ditch Lighting Effects
  • 120 Adjustable Maximum Engine Speed Settings
  • 3 Adjustable Locomotive Direction Start-up Engines
  • Programmable Lash-up Creation
  • Programmable Route Creation
  • Programmable Scene Creation
  • Record/Playback 90 Minutes of Operation
  • Downloadable Locomotive Sounds Sets
  • Independent Locomotive Chronometer
  • Independent Locomotive Odometer
  • Independent Locomotive Trip Odometer
  • Independent Locomotive Battery Charge
  • Track Signal Test
  • Linear Track Length Meter
  • Adjustable 50 or 60Hz AC Input
  • 2 Independent Engine Reset Features
  • 16 TIU Individual Channel Controls

    Remote Control Features

  • Built-in Microphone
  • Back Lit 4-Line LCD Screen
  • 5 Programmable Softkeys with Up to 36 Options
  • Controls Between 4 & 20 Tracks
  • Controls Between 20 & 500 Accessories
  • Independent Whistle & Bell Sounds
  • 120 Speed Steps
  • On-Screen List of Up to 99 Engines
  • 42 Levels of Programming Option
  • Labor/Drift Chuffing Sound Control
  • Diesel Rev Up/Down Sound Control
  • Speed Boost & Brake Control
  • One Touch Smoke On/Off Control
  • One Touch Volume Level Control
  • Engine Sounds Mute Button
  • One Touch Headlight On/Off Control
  • One Touch Proto-Castâ„¢ Control
  • One Touch Coupler Operation Control
  • One Touch Engine Startup Control
  • One Touch Engine Shutdown Control
  • One Touch Passenger or Freight Sound Activation Sound Packages Downloadable from MTH Website