In an industry steeped in innovative tradition, model railroading has often taken the lead in bringing realism to the world of miniatures. The concept of remote control was first championed in the toy train category long before the world ever heard or saw radio-controlled airplanes and cars. Operating freight cars, blowing locomotive horns & whistles, smoking train stacks and realistic remote accessory operation have been a part of model railroading since the early 20th century.

Today, incredible advances in remote control and digital sound have raised model railroading to an entirely new level of authentic realism. Of the new technologies, Digital Command Control or DCC has been the dominant form of universal remote control in the HO marketplace for nearly two decades. While the remote control aspect is fun, a truly realistic locomotive needs to be heard and not just seen. After all, a real locomotive lets you know its coming when it's still miles away. Capturing that same effect in model railroading helps recreate the illusion of railroading in a way a silent engine never can.

As an HO enthusiast, you have locomotive choices available to you today that are configured with and without sound, and with and without command control capabilities. An HO locomotive equipped with Proto-Sound 3.0 gives you an unmatched variety of sound and command control options guaranteed to bring your model railroad to life in ways you never imagined before.

Here is just a sampling of the different sounds you'll hear when you run a Proto-Sound 3.0 equipped locomotive.

  • Whistle or Horn Sounds with Three Different Endings
  • Bell
  • Steam Engine Chuffing
  • Squeaking Brakes Automatically Activated
  • Authentic Doppler Effects
  • Passenger Station Announcements
  • Freight Yard Sounds
  • Air Let-Off
  • Air Pumps
  • Blow Down
  • Pop-Off
  • Injector
  • Freight Yard Sounds
  • Cab Chatter with Dozens of Different Sound Scripts
  • Locomotive Engine Start-Up Sounds
  • Locomotive Engine Shut-Down Sounds
  • Coupler Release Sounds
  • Coupler Slack Sounds
  • Wheel Clickety-Clack Sounds
  • Train Wreck Sounds
  • Forward Signal Sounds
  • Reverse Signal Sounds

The Proto-Sound 3.0 system uses a much wider dynamic sampling rate than anything else available to model railroaders. In plain English that means the high notes are higher and low notes are lower for a much more realistic sound range. When Proto-Sound 3.0 plays, you can practically feel the rumble of a passing train.