DCS Companion - By Barry Broskowitz

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DCS Companion Book - Soft Cover (3rd Edition)


DCS Companion Book - Electronic Download (3rd Edition)

This extensive 238-page four color guide for operating the M.T.H. DCS Digital Command System includes 76 charts and illustrations, 52% more than the original edition, all intended to educate the reader on the basic and advanced features and functions of DCS. The book, which includes for the first time an index is available as an electronic download for $14.95 or as a printed soft cover book for $34.95. Click on the links to the left to order. The information provided in the digital version is updated frequently by the author. Barry also lends his expertise on the OGR forum, providing detailed instructions, update information, and open discussions to answer any questions or concerns.

Reviewed by Jim Barrett in OGR’s January 2010 issue, the original edition was hailed as an “indispensable tool” that “should be in the hands of every command control operator”. The book is also a valuable reference for both the experienced DCS operator, as well as those looking to add DCS for the first time to a new or existing layout. The uncomplicated language used in this book allows anyone to easily understand and operate this command system, regardless of their experience level. Even the most expert DCS operators will find useful information throughout this companion book. Since each section of the book inherently builds on the previous section, the reader has the choice of starting from the beginning and working their way through the entire book, or jumping to a particular section of interest. The entire OGR review can be found by clicking HERE.

The 3rd Edition of The DCS Companion includes more than 70 additional pages, or nearly 43% more information than the original edition. In addition to numerous additions to existing subjects, including M.T.H.’s Rev. L TIU and additional ways to work with switch tracks and accessories, the book also includes a completely new section on the DCS WiFi App.