DCS Consumer Loader Program - Version 5.0

November 4, 2015 - The DCS Consumer Loader Program (Version 5.0) is available for download by completing the form to the left. Once completed click on the Go To Software Download button at the bottom of the form to download the software to your computer.

What’s New in version 5.0?

This latest version of the DCS Consumer Loader software is used to program the DCS system components (Remote, TIU), Load sound files (in Proto-Sound 2.0 and 3.0 locomotives) and backup and restore the DCS Remote handheld. To review the many changes to the loader, click HERE and below. At the bottom of this page is a form you will need to complete before you can download the latest software.

You'll find complete instructions for installing and using the DCS Consumer Loader by clicking Here.

NOTE: Please uninstall any previous versions of the Consumer Loader prior to installing Version 5.0.

2.20, 2.30, 2.34 and 5.00 are the ONLY DCS Consumer Loader software versions you can use to program Proto-Sound 3.0 Locomotives. Using any previous version of the DCS Consumer Loader to program a Proto-Sound 3.0 equipped locomotive will disable the Proto-Sound 3.0 electronics and require the locomotive be returned to M.T.H. for repair. You can learn more about the issues with this warning by clicking HERE.

In addition, if you plan on operating your layout with the DCS Wi-Fi Interface Unit (WIU) and DCS App, you must reprogram your TIU with DCS Software Version 5.0 USING DCS Consumer Loader Version 5.00.

To Use This Loader You Will Need:

- A standard RS 232 cable, USB-Serial adapter, or a type A-B USB (for Rev L TIU only) cable which you can obtain from any computer or office supply store. - A STEREO mini-to-mini 1/8” audio cable available from MTH or many electronic stores like Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc. - An AC or DC Transformer. Z1000 bricks are the most versatile to use. - A PC running at least Windows XP. Mac users may find that running a Windows emulator might work.

The below information details how the cables are to be used.

Cable Types

Reprogramming The Remote
In order to reprogram the remote, a tether cable that connects the remote to the TIU is required. The tether cable MUST be a 4-conductor handset cord from any standard telephone. This is the cable that connects the handset to the base of the phone. Radio Shack and other electronic or phone stores sell these. The cable MUST BE 4 CONDUCTORS on both ends.

Reprogramming The TIU
In order to reprogram the TIU, a standard RS 232 cable is required. This cable is to be connected between the TIU's PC Connection Port and a COM port on a PC. If your computer does not have a 9 pin RS232 Com port, but only USB ports, purchase/install a single 9 pin Serial port I/O card, SIIG model 16550 for desktop computers or SIIG model JJ-PCM012 for laptop computers. SIIG models have been verified, equivalent manufacturers single port card may be acceptable.

The updated Loader program also will support USB-Serial adapters from most manufacturers.

For those users that own the Rev L TIU’s (released in December 2010) you can use a type A-B USB cable. This cable will also supply power to the TIU’s processor so that you don’t heave to bring along a transformer to power the TIU when you load TIU or Remote code. NOTE – The USB cable does NOT supply power to ANY of the TIU’s outputs.

The mini-to-mini cable MUST BE A STEREO model. You MUST NOT use any cables that have adapters. M.T.H. p/n 50-1009 or Radio Shack p/n 42-2497 are acceptable models.

Making Cable Connections
Follow the instructions below for hooking up the cables. The DCS Loader Program will prompt you step-by-step for each of the loading options as you select them.

TIU (Remote Input) Ensure the 4 conductors in the bottom of the Remote are all parallel and NOT touching one another. IF they do when you go to load the remote code your remote will power on.

TIU (Proto-Cast and Proto-Dispatch Audio Jacks)

The Stereo mini-to-mini cable should be fully plugged into the Proto-Dispatch and Proto-Cast audio jacks on the TIU. When power is applied to the TIU, look at the red LED. It should NOT blink or flicker at all. It MUST remain on constant. This indicates that the TIU is in Program Mode. If the LED blinks then it means your mini-to-mini cable is not stereo, you have some other adapters on the cable, or you do not have the cable plugged in fully at one or both of the jacks.

NOTE: When loading the remote code and prompted by the Loader program to hold down the power button on the remote, you should notice that your remote LCD remains blank. Your remote should not power up. If it does check the handset cord cable to ensure it has 4 conductors or inspect the jacks on the TIU and the remote to ensure no pins are touching or bent over. Also, you must remove the mini-to-mini audio cable PRIOR TO loading the remote code. You must also be sure to remove power from the TIU AFTER you have loaded TIU code.