DCS Explorer 1.2 Firmware Update Available

March 13, 2018 - A new version of the firmware used in the DCS Explorer Wi-Fi Track Interface Unit has been released and is now available for download. The downloads are FREE and can be installed into the Explorer via the LuCI interface accessible through an IP address. Details for reprogramming the Explorer's firmware are included in the DCS Explorer Operator's Manual which can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

The new Explorer firmware corrects several issues detailed below and is especially relevant for Explorer operators using the device with RailKing Ready-to-Run Train Sets purchased in 2017 forward.



  • corrects an issue where the Explorer could shut down when track switches are powered from track power using the DC Power Supply found in 2017 and later RailKing Ready-to-Run Train Sets.
  • Increases current timeout for DC input power to enable track-powered switch operation.
  • Corrects a condition that could result in a rare crash of the firmware.