DCS Components

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ProtoSound DCS WiFi Digital Command System 2


DCS Accessory Interface Unit (AIU)


DCS WiFi Interface Unit


DCS Explorer Track Interface Unit


Proto-Sound Battery


AA NiCad Proto-Sound Battery


Proto-Sound 2.0 Battery Charger


TIU/TMCC-Legacy 6' Connector Cable


Proto-Cast/Programming 6' Mini-to-Mini Cable


Terminal Block


24-Port Terminal Block


Z-DC24 24-Watt Power Supply


DCS Companion Book - Electronic Download (3rd Edition)

DCS - The Best Way To Run A Railroad

DCS is a system for controlling your entire layout — multiple Proto-Sound 2.0 and 3.0-equipped engines, switches, and accessories — from one or more wireless handheld controllers. DCS is compatible with all M.T.H. Proto-Sound 2.0 or 3.0 equipped locomotives, regardless of scale. Check it out in this interactive brochure.

M.T.H. Electric Trains has published it's first smartphone and tablet mobile app for controlling a DCS layout wirelessly to the Apple App Store and Google Play stores.

Click HERE To Go To Google Play

Click HERE To Go To The Apple APP Store

The App provides access to the M.T.H. website allowing visitors to quickly find the latest news, search for products, watch product videos and much, much more.

The app can also control a DCS layout from any smartphone or tablet when paired with the all-new, all-in-one DCS Explorer or the DCS WIU Wi-Fi Interface Unit and DCS TIU Track Interface Unit. Both iOS and Android versions are FREE with an option for in-app purchase upgrades that unlock more features when paired with the DCS TIU and WIU.


  • The FREE version provides users with control of 3 locomotives and limited features.
  • The $4.99 STANDARD version provides users with full Proto-Sound 2.0 and 3.0 locomotive control.
  • The $24.99 PREMIUM version provides the user with full DCS control and more. The PREMIUM versions is slated to deliver in April 2017.

App control also requires an update to the DCS Track Interface Unit (TIU) software. The new DCS software, version 6.10 is a free download and will include a new DCS Loader program required to install DCS Version 6.10 into the TIU.