2011 Volume 2

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Highlights From This Catalog

Today, most of us understand that technology doesn't ever stand still. A quick review of our products will reveal significant changes over the past decade in our evolving onboard locomotive technology. Despite these improvements, we've always been fully committed to making sure that our products are backward compatible and that each can be operated on conventional layouts while still providing access to many of our most popular operating features. Since Proto-Sound 2.0's introduction in the Spring of 2000, a few subtle changes have been incorporated into the basic board design including; a different power supply, the ability to operate on AC or DC power, the inclusion of wireless tethers, flash onboard memory, improved microprocessors and improved sound amplifiers. Regardless of these changes, a year 2000 Proto-Sound 2.0 equipped locomotive runs exactly the same way under the DCS Digital Command Control system as a Proto-Sound 3.0 board built in 2011. You simply put 'em on the track and run 'em.