2014 Signature Series

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Highlights From This Catalog

Signature Series models offer the final word in realism: beautifully detailed M.T.H. O and HO scale models weathered to look like hard-working locomotives and rolling stock. Each model is individually weathered by a master modeler with more than 30 years of professional modeling experience. The resulting finish ensures that these new Signature Series models for 2014 will look right at home on any sceniced, scale-detailed layout. <p> All models are airbrush-weathered, using proprietary techniques that capture the subtle natural wear and tear produced by road dust, rain, rust, wind and everything else that railroad equipment experiences in real life. The Signature Series airbrush weathering process brings out details in a model that previously went unnoticed, and replicates effects usually obtainable only with chalks and pinpoint washes. <p> No two Signature Series finishes look exactly alike. Each model of the same engine or passenger set has its own unique finish, with noticeable but subtle differences visible in side-by-side comparisons. Because these models are designed to run as well as they look, each locomotive and car is sealed with a flat finish to allow handling and the use of smoke fluid.