EH 2015 Volume 2

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Highlights From This Catalog

In the early years of this business, a few intrepid pioneers — among them Jerry Williams, Bill Benson, Maury Klein, Dick Kughn, Mort Mann and our own Mike Wolf — found a ready audience in a generation of adults raised on Lionel and American Flyer trains, and ready to spend grown-up time and money fulfilling the dreams of their youth. Fast forward 35 years, and spare-time pursuits take place largely on two-dimensional screens. What you do in your basements, attics and spare rooms — build a world of your own in three dimensions — is increasingly rare and, we would argue, increasingly important for what it has to offer. More than ever, model railroading is “The World’s Greatest Hobby” — a way to experience the joy of creating something with your own hands and making it run, and learning all the skills that may go with it, from exploring history to electrical wiring to building scenery to working with friends to run a railroad. As a company and as model railroaders, we recognize the importance of passing the torch – keeping this hobby alive and exciting for new generations of hobbyists, by combining the traditional arts of model railroading with the newest and most engaging forms of technology. That’s why our latest endeavor is creating an app that will allow full train and layout control from the smart phones that most of you have in your pockets. That’s also why we attend numerous train shows every year, engaging with thousands of individuals and families that are clearly fascinated by model railroading.