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What’s new with the Rev L TIU

December 20, 2010 - The new Rev L TIU is the latest TIU to be released. Here are the following changes/enhancements:

  • Improved signaling capabilities. The Rev L TIU uses a new communication processor that provides improved signaling on most layouts.
  • Addition of a USB port. The Rev L TIU now can accept a direct USB connection from your PC using a Type A-B USB cable. This type of USB cable is very common and available at most electronics stores like Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc. You may also use a standard DB-9 serial cable or a USB-serial adapter.
  • The USB port also powers the TIU’s processor. That means if you want to install new firmware into either the TIU or the remote you don’t have to drag along a power supply. The USB connection from your PC provides the 5 volts necessary to power your TIU’s processor, which is all you need to program the TIU or remote. NOTE – The USB cable connection does NOT provide power to ANY of the TIU’s track outputs.


    Installing your new Rev L TIU


    The simplicity of the DCS system doesn’t change with the new Rev L TIU. It operates just like other TIU’s you’ve operated; same remote, same controls, just with the above improvements. Since the new Rev L TIU has a USB port it may be necessary for you, depending upon your PC’s operating system, to install drivers. To install the drivers:

    1. Download the drivers by clicking HERE.

    2. After downloading them, run the file and it will install the drivers for your Rev L TIU’s USB connection.

    3. Plug in your new Rev L TIU to your PC USB connection and in most instances the PC will announce that it found new hardware and then let you know that your new hardware is ready to run.

    4. If you want to test the connection you can use the Consumer Loader and have it find the TIU. If the Consumer Loader is able to find the TIU then everything is installed correctly.

    Note – On some operating systems the driver may already exist. If you are unsure, simply connect the Tiu to the PC’s USB port and see if Windows informs you that your new hardware is installed and is ready to run. If Windows asks you for a driver then disconnect the TIU, download the driver from MTH’s website link, install the driver, then reconnect your TIU.

    5. Install your TIU into your layout. It connects just like any other TIU. If this is your first TIU then simply follow the instructions provided with your TIU.


    Operating your new Rev L TIU


    As stated before your new Rev L TIU is very much the same in terms of operation as any other TIU, just with some improvements. You will find operating it is no different than what you are already used to.

    1. Connect the TIU to your layout per the instruction manual provided with your TIU.

    2. If you need to configure the TIU’s address please do so at this time. It is recommended that you do not have any other TIU powered up while you adjust the TIU’s address so as not to conflict with another TIU.

    3. Run your TIU with your DCS Remote just like you are used to doing. If this is your first DCS system, please read through the manual to familiarize yourself with the core features and functions of the DCS system. Have fun!!!!


    Operational Characteristics


    For those experienced users that are familiar with how the TIU’s operate you may notice some signaling differences that you may need to account for.

    1. Connect your TIU to your layout.

    2. Run a track signal test. You may notice that certain areas are worse than they were with your previous rev TIU. This is usually because the light bulbs used to improve track signaling aren’t needed with the new Rev L TIU. Start by removing them one at a time form the suspect sections of your track.

    3. The rev L TIU has shown to provide an improvement in track signaling in most layouts. Many layouts have been altered to accommodate the older TIU’s. In many cases none of this needs to be changed. However, in some cases the addition of the Rev L TIU may require some tweaks to certain areas of your layout. The reason is that the new communications processor in the TIU is much more sensitive to what the engine sends back.

    4. In some instances actually adding a little bit of load to the track helps with the new Rev L TIU. For example, if you have a smaller layout and have a section that has only 10ft of wire to the track, you may find that adding another 10ft of wire makes the signal actually better.

    If you are having problems with your TIU please contact an Authorized MTH Service Center or M.T.H. Electric Trains directly.