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As a model railroader, you've likely heard of M.T.H. Electric Trains before. You might have heard that we produce O, G and HO trains. You might have even read our slogan proclaiming that M.T.H. model trains do more! What you probably didn't know is why our HO model trains do more.

We're the only HO manufacturer to produce HO locomotives with the widest selection of features available today. Period. Digital sound, a built-in DCC decoder, LED lighting, flashing ditch lights, remotely controlled operating couplers and much, much more distinguish M.T.H. HO motive power from everything else.

The M.T.H. HO SD70ACe is the most successful diesel to ever be released by M.T.H.

The SD70ACe features a die-cast chassis and detailed ABS body featuring road-specific details. The chassis features all-wheel drive, detailed ABS trucksides and wealth of operational features like flashing ditch lights and remotely triggered operating couplers.

M.T.H. HO diesels are unlike any you've ever seen or run before. Outfitted with a powerful 12-volt 5-pole precision skew-wound flywheel equipped motor, all of our electrics can operate with any 16 volt DC power supply. Each comes outfitted with the Proto-Sound 3.0 onboard digital package that features a 28-function DCC decoder, cd-quality digital sound and lighting and operational effects unmatched by any other manufacturer.

Check out each of the EMD SD70ACe locomotives featured below by clicking on their links. You can buy online or through an M.T.H. Authorized Retailer.