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November 8, 2011 - M.T.H.'s Premier Line O Scale ALP-46 Electric locomotive will begin shipping to M.T.H. Authorized Retailers in December. Check out the locomotive's details in the photos below or click on the video icon located to the left to see it in action.
Since the dawn of the Orient Express in 1883, Europeans have dreamed of a rail network that would transcend national borders. For more than a century, the best that could be accomplished was the handoff of passenger or freight consists from one national rail system to another, usually stopping at the border to change motive power. Even when most of the continent went to overhead wires to supply motive power, voltage and current were often different from one country to another. Today, however, all that is changing. Sporting service names like "EuroCity" and slogans like "Connecting Europe," electric engines glide seamlessly and swiftly across borders, and carriers offer freight and passenger services that span many nations.
With locomotive and car manufacturing facilities on four continents, Bombardier has emerged as a leader in the manufacture of equipment for these multinational rail carriers. Starting with electric locomotive technology developed by German firm Adtranz, which Bombardier acquired in 2001, Bombardier developed the TRAXX family of electric and diesel locomotives for service across Europe.
TRAXX electrics feature modular construction and can be configured to run on multiple voltages and both AC and DC. Leading purchasers have included freight carriers with multinational networks, including Cargo, the freight division of the Swiss Federal Railways that runs through Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, and Railion, which spans Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.
Like the Swedish electric that spawned the Amtrak AEM-7, the TRAXX electric also has an American incarnation. New Jersey Transit operates a fleet of 29 German-built Bombardier ALP-46 electrics that were derived from the same Adtranz technolgy as the TRAXX platform and delivered in 2001-2002. Capable of pulling longer trains than the NJT's ALP-44's, they operate in commuter service and also pulled Amfleet trains in the final days of Amtrak's Clocker service. The ALP-46's have been so successful that NJT has ordered an additional 27 engines for delivery beginning in 2008 to pull a fleet of new Multilevel cars.
The TRAXX and ALP-46 electrics offer a near-perfect combination of speed, safety, and practicality. Its streamlined shape is designed for aerodynamics but also for economical construction, being composed almost entirely of flat surfaces. The ends are raked at an angle that slices through the air - but a steeper, more streamlined angle was avoided in order to minimize air turbulence between the engine and the following car.
The 2011 Premier Line ALP-46 has been created from all new tooling and comes complete with the digital sound, amazing slow speed capability, and operating pantographs that make Proto-Sound 3.0 the best sound and control system in model railroading. Adorned with the New Jersey Transit’s colorful swoosh and outfitted with bright LED lighting, the ALP-46 is sure to catch attention on your layout.