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May 2, 2012 - M.T.H.'s RailKing Imperial Series O Gauge Pennsylvania S2 Turbine Steam Locomotive will begin shipping to M.T.H. Authorized Retailers in August 2012. Check out the locomotive's details in the photos below or click on the video icon to the left of the news story to see it in action.

By the mid 1940's, the diesel revolution was beginning to take a foothold in America's railroad power rosters. Realizing that diesel power was proving to be quite cost effective on other railroads, the Pennsylvania Railroad experimented with ways to make steam power more competitive with the diesel revolution. One bold new design deriving from the PRR’s efforts was the S2 Steam Turbine. While the S2 still had a firebox and boiler and still generated steam, the pressure was run through a turbine instead of reciprocating cylinders to make power. The turbine design provided smooth and constant power to the drive wheels and at higher speeds, proved to be much more efficient than traditional steam locomotives. Despite its high-speed efficiency, the S2 still retained many of the high costs of operating a steam engine. And, as we all know, the diesel eventually won out.

MTH is proud to reintroduce the RailKing Pennsylvania S2 to O Gauge’s largest roster of RailKing Pennsy steam locomotives this time as an Imperial Series model featuring all-new details and a real coal load in its tender. The die-cast boiler and tender provide substantial heft and durability to this historic locomotive. Underneath the die-cast skin lie the S2's metal chassis, metal drivers and rods, metal couplers, and a precision flywheel-equipped motor. Our billowing ProtoSmoke™ system will make any steam fan a little teary-eyed and the incredible performance of Proto-Sound® 3.0 ensures the value of this famous locomotive will be unmatched by any other O Gauge manufacturer.