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M.T.H. Premium Smart Phone App - Now Available For Download On Google Play And The Apple App Store

April 18, 2017 – M.T.H. Electric Trains has published its smartphone and tablet Premium App for controlling a DCS layout wirelessly to the Apple App Store and Google Play stores.

The long-awaited Premium version of the App is the third "level" of the DCS App that allows users to gain full access of their DCS controlled layout via wifi control from their Apple and Android smart phones and tablets. Owners of the existing app will need to update the app (if auto-update is not enabled on their devices) to gain access to the Premium level. Once updated (the new version is 2.0), users should proceed to the More section of the App and click on Upgrade. From there, the Premium version is just an in-app purchase away from loading onto your smart device. Pricing for the Premium version is just $24.99 ($19.99 for Standard App owners).

In addition to full control over DCS functions, the Premium App brings new features not available via the traditional DCS Remote/TIU configuration. These new features include control over select Lionel Legacy® locomotive features via an easy and intuitive interface that enhances operation of Legacy products. Users will be able to access all the popular Legacy features and build Legacy and TMCC® lashups with just a few taps. Legacy operation has never been so easy.

Premium users will also gain access to other popular DCS functions including Record and Playback, Lashup Creation and AIU Accessory Interface Control. At last, users will be able to control their layout's switches and accessories from the ease and convenience of their smartphones and tablets.

Using the Premium version's Import/Export function, power users can import those accessory and switch configurations into their smart device. For users with dozens of switches and accessories, this easy import process eliminates the need to re-key all those items back into their smart device. Best of all, the import process takes just seconds.

The app communicate with a separately sold DCS Wi-Fi Interface Unit or WIU. Any Android tablet or phone and Apple iPhone or iPad will bring the DCS Digital Command System to life in a way never thought possible when first paired with a DCS remote control. Any of these smart devices can run the new apps.

The Premium App requires an update to the DCS Track Interface Unit (TIU) software. The new DCS software, version 6.10 is available as a free download from the M.T.H. Website. The DCS 6.1 software must be loaded into the TIU and Remote with the latest DCS Loader program (Version 5.0). Like the new DCS software, the DCS Loader Program is a free download from the M.T.H. website.

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