Authorized Service Centers

Consumers in need of warranty and after-warranty service can choose from over 100 Authorized M.T.H. Service Centers.  Each has been trained to provide complete warranty and non-warranty service of all M.T.H. products near where  you live.

There are two types of service centers to choose from depending on the nature and needs of your repairs.

Authorized Service Centers (ASC) National Authorized Service Center (NASC)
Authorized Service Centers will provide warranty work for any consumer who has purchased an M.T.H. item from them and after-warranty work for any customer. National Authorized Service Centers receive an extra incentive from M.T.H. and will provide warranty and after-warranty service for any customer.

Clicking on the link below will take you to the Service Center Search tool where you can search for an ASC or NASC by zipcode.  You can filter out the results of your search by ASC and NASC types.