MTH Authorized Service Center Program

April 8, 2014 - M.T.H. Electric Trains is proud to announce an exciting new opportunity for your shop to profitably improve customer service, create more repeat business, and cement customer loyalty. As an Authorized M.T.H. Service Center, your store will be able to offer customers on-site repair service for all M.T.H. trains. This brochure explains the benefits of this new program and the dedicated support MTH will provide to make the program a success for you. Repair service can add a new dimension to your business.


  • Repairs are very profitable, with the only cost being parts and a few minutes of employee time.
  • Repairs cement customer loyalty, ensuring that you will be the retailer of choice for anyone whose train you have fixed.
  • Repairs create impulse sales, since anyone who likes trains enough to seek repairs will find a few other items to take home from your shop.
  • By becoming an Authorized M.T.H. Service Center, you set yourself apart from your competitors especially mail order for online stores that cannot offer walk-in service. Repairs give your customers instant gratification, making you the hero.
  • Authorized M.T.H. Service Centers will receive special support from MTH including special parts discounts, phone support, recognition, and promotional opportunities, and training.
  • And finally, by providing warranty repairs, you support your sales at full MSRP, allowing you to compete profitably.
  • In the past, M.T.H. kept control of product service by performing it all at our own facility. This control allowed MTH to monitor our products' failure rates and quickly initiate changes in subsequent production runs. As a result, M.T.H. developed a quality product line unmatched by any of our competitors.

New Internet-based technology now allows M.T.H. to monitor the actual servicing of our products through our retail network, thus eliminating the need for the consumer to return the product to M.T.H. for qualified service. As a result, we are now qualifying Authorized M.T.H. Retailers to perform warranty and non-warranty repairs in-store. This new service will eliminate both the shipping of the product to M.T.H. in Columbia MD and the wait as M.T.H. services the item. M.T.H. Retailers and their customers alike will benefit from saved money and time. More importantly, by driving the customer back into the Retailer's store for product services this program provides the M.T.H. Authorized Retailer with opportunities for additional sales while fostering customer loyalty.

M.T.H. qualified Authorized M.T.H. Dealers to service MTH products starting in the year 2001. We continue the program this year and dealers wanting to become authorized M.T.H. Service Centers should complete an application to start the process. In the application there is a section listing equipment, facilities, and services currently provided. Each Dealer’s service technician will be contacted and interviewed. In addition, Dealers are required to demonstrate their service capabilities. The qualification process requires the Dealer’s service technician attend a M.T.H. Service training course. Upon satisfactory completion of the training course and signing the M.T.H. Service agreement the Dealer will receive certification and authorization to display and advertise himself as an Authorized M.T.H. Service Center.

M.T.H. is qualifying Dealers to bring our Dealers and Customers closer together. This will be accomplished by providing service to our customers at the point of sale. Many of today’s consumers want to bring the product back to the dealer they bought it from for Service. This eliminates the shipping of the product to MTH in Columbia, MD and the wait as M.T.H. services the item. This saves our customer money and time. Getting the customer back into the Dealer store provides opportunities for additional sales and fosters customer loyalty.

M.T.H. Authorized Service Centers will receive the following M.T.H. support.

Non-Warranty Services

  • Electronic and Mechanical training specific to our products, smoke units, drive mechanisms for example at M.T.H.
  • List of recommended tools and equipment required at each Service Station.
  • M.T.H. web site access for placing on-line non-warranty service part orders
  • Exclusive E-mail address for Service support.
  • Exclusive Technical Phone support during normal business hours 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST).
  • Parts orders, shipped within 48 hours and maximum 3 day transit time (5 days maximum)
  • An additional 10% discount on parts prices
  • CD ROM featuring electronic notes of the ASC training.
  • Set of binders for keeping copies of the Exploded Views, Instruction Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, or Service Notes
  • Website Technical Support containing Instruction Manuals, Exploded Views, and Wiring Diagrams.
  • Videos showing step by step how to troubleshoot and service M.T.H. products, for example the smoke unit shall be available for reference.
  • Authorized use of Authorized M.T.H. Service Center logo.

Authorized M.T.H. Service Centers are authorized to charge the customer for non-warranty work at a rate the dealer determines is appropriate for the service provided. No M.T.H. reimbursement shall be provided.

Warranty Services


  • Items listed above for Non-Warranty Plus the following
  • Parts orders, shipped within 48 hours (provided order is received by 2:00 PM) by 2nd Day Air (4 day Maximum)
  • Parts supplied free of charge
  • Listing on M.T.H. Website as Authorized M.T.H. Warranty Service Provider
  • Point of Service signs and certificate showing Approval
  • Exclusive on-line parts ordering system for Warranty Service Part Requests
  • Call back service from MTH Technical Service or Parts whenever needed.
  • E-mail notification concerning any product service alerts.

M.T.H. will not provide monetary reimbursement for Warranty Service repairs made by the Authorized Dealer.

If a repair becomes too complicated or outside of the Dealer’s ability to perform the service, the Dealer can return the item to M.T.H. for service at any time.




  • Fill out the application and capability survey (located at the bottom of the page) and submit it to MTH’s Service Department on-line.
  • Successfully complete the technical interview.
  • Select a training session by clicking HERE.
  • Attend the training session and receive your certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Click here to download the training session agenda


Click here to download our parts ordering procedure