RailKing trains are M.T.H.'s best-selling line. These smaller models run on O gauge track . Because they are shorter, they negotiate tighter curves - a real advantage for model train enthusiasts with small layouts. RailKing items are identified with item numbers that begin with "30".  RailKing Rugged Rails items begin with "33".

Full O scale models, 1/48 the size of their prototypes and as detailed as we can reasonably make them — offering O gauge’s finest combination of detail, realism, and performance. M.T.H.'s Premier items are identified with item numbers that begin with "20" for Hi-Rail models with item numbers ending in "-1" and "22" for Scale Wheel models.

“HO Trains That Do More,” including sound-equipped locomotives compatible with all HO operating systems: analog DC, NMRA- standard DCC, and M.T.H.’s Digital Command System (DCS). M.T.H.'s HO items are identified with item numbers that begin with "80" "81" or "85".  Learn More.

MTH HO Runs On DCC - Click Here To Learn More

M.T.H. S Gauge trains are M.T.H.'s newest product line first appearing in 2013. These smaller models run on S gauge 2-rail track from any manufacturer.  M.T.H. S Gauge items, including our S Gauge S-Trax track components are identified with item numbers that begin with "35".

1:32 scale American-prototype garden railway models equipped with sound, smoke, and DCS command control, suitable for outdoor or indoor, DC or AC operation. RailKing One Gauge items are identified with item numbers that begin with "70".

Tinplate Traditions models are constructed from the same techniques employed in the Lionel Corporation Tinplate lineup but feature products of non-Lionel vintage, including reproductions of Ives Dorfan locomotives and accessories as well as unique reproductions like the monorail originally produced by a company called Detroit-Leland or the Leipzig Station originally manufactured and now licensed by Marklin.

Realtrax is simply the easiest O Gauge track system ever manufactured. Featuring durable metal rails strong enough to stand on and a built-in roadbed for a realistic appearance ensures that a RealTrax layout will last for years while sporting a realistic appearance not found in other O Gauge track systems.

ScaleTrax™ by M.T.H. Electric Trains is the ultimate track system that detail-oriented 3-rail modelers have been looking for. No longer will an O Gauge modeler have to accept excessively tall or heavy-looking track, because ScaleTrax offers maximum accuracy and the exceptional quality of M.T.H. products. It’s perfect for creating an authentic looking 3-rail layout.

DCS is a system for controlling your entire layout — multiple Proto-Sound 2.0 and 3.0-equipped engines, switches, and accessories — from one or more wireless handheld controllers. DCS is compatible with all M.T.H.® Proto-Sound® 2.0- or 3.0- equipped locomotives, regardless of scale. Everything you need to know is on our DCS Page.

This now discontinued product line was created as part of a ten-year licensing arrangement between M.T.H. Electric Trains and Lionel LLC. The license expired in May 2019 and no more Lionel Corporation Tinplate products are being produced. Search for all of M.T.H.'s past Lionel Corporation item releases (identified with item numbers that begin with "11") HERE.  To see the entire Lionel LLC product line, click HERE.