2010 Volume 2

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Highlights From This Catalog

When we started this company 30 years ago, there were almost no O gauge catalogs. The Walthers O Scale catalog, long a staple of the 2-rail branch of the hobby, was on life support. What other catalogs existed were only a few pages in length. The glorious Lionel catalogs of the 1950s were a memory of a golden age that few hobbyists believed they would ever see again. Thirty years later, we're publishing what we like to call The Big Book of Possibilities. In locomotives alone, this catalog offers over 35 engine types in more than 120 road names — more than three times the possibilities presented in any other O gauge manufacturer's 2010 catalog. Want to model the American Southwest in the 1930s, '40s, or '50s? You can do that. Want to model the intermodal freights streaking across the country today? You can do that. Want to model Northeast railroading in the 1950s? You can do that. How about prewar and postwar British or French passenger trains? Yes. Postwar American streamliners? Yes. The amazing variety of first-generation diesels? Yes. Obscure modern short lines? Yes. The apex of super-power steam? Yes. There can be no doubt that M.T.H., along with Lionel, Atlas, Weaver, Third Rail, Williams, and other pioneers, have created a golden age of O gauge, with possibilities for the hobbyist that rival those in any other scale.