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December 17, 2010 - Since the release of the O Gauge 2011 Volume 1 catalog, several discrepancies, enhancements, and corrections have been discovered in the printed copy and are now noted.
Premier European Locomotives

Page 92, Swiss 6/8 Type 2 Crocodile
Item 20-5637-1, 20-5637-2, 20-5638-1 and 20-5638-2 were listed as having ABS body construction in the features list. The production models will feature die cast metal bodies as originally cataloged.
Premier Steam

Page 78, Climax Logging Steam Engine
Item 20-3443-1 and 20-3448-1 will not be available with scale wheels as originally cataloged.
Premier Diesel

Page 107, Veranda Turbine and Tender Set
All Veranda Turbine locomotives will feature ABS body construction.

Page 125, SD40-2 Tunnel Motor Diesel
Item 20-20140-1 and 20-20140-2 will be produced in cab numbers 405, 406 & 407.
Item 20-20140-3 will be produced with cab number 408.

Page 117, SD45T-2 Tunnel Motor Diesel
Item 20-20138-1 and Item 20-20138-2 will be produced in cab numbers 9192, 9219, and 9227.
Premier Steam Passenger Sets

Page 71, 4-6-4 Blue Goose
Item 20-3436-1 comes with one baggage car, one coach car, one vista dome and one observation car, not the 5-car set configuration shown in the catalog.

Page 73, 4-6-4 Hiawatha
Item 20-3438-1 comes with one baggage car, not two as shown in catalog.
Premier Electric

Page 131, Box Cab
Item 20-5645-1 and Item 20-5646-1 features freight Proto-Effects and not Passenger Station Proto-Effects.
Premier Rolling Stock

Page 141, Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo-4 Bay Hopper
Item 20-97724 should be listed as Pennsylvania not Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo-4 Bay Hopper.
RailKing Diesel

Page 19, RS-3
Item 30-20020-3 RailKing Scale Western Maryland RS-3 will feature Cab number 190 as tshe cataloged Cab number was only utilized on high short hood locomotive (for steam generator equipment).

Page 21, GP-7
Item 30-2009-3 Rock Island GP-7 will feature Cab number 1202 (the Original cataloged Cab number 1281 was delivered with silver trucks).

Page 29, F-3 ABA
Item 30-20033-1 and 30-20036-1 will be produced in a high gloss finish.
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