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May 27, 2009 - Since the release of the O Gauge 2009 Volume 2 catalog, several discrepancies have been noted in the printed copy and are noted below.

Page 24, Baldwin VO-1000 diesel:
Item 30-2931-1, Pennsy tuscan version is indeed prototypical. While most Pennsy switchers were painted Brunswick green ( a near-black color), our model depicts No. 5916, the lone prototype VO-1000 that was painted Tuscan Red.
Page 38, Aerotrain set:
Items 30-2954-1 Model is scale-proportioned and will now be considered RailKing Scale (this is the same tooling as previous releases of the RailKing Aerotrain).
Locomotive is supplied with optional user-installable wheel skirts for the front truck, which were used during the Aerotrainメs early years.
Locomotive and coaches are supplied with a second set of longer, user-installable diaphragms for operators who have wider-radius curves and prefer a smaller visual gap between the cars.
Tail car has illuminated red tail lamps.

Page 41, Reefer:
Note that all four billboard reefers shown on this page are prototypical paint schemes.

Page 70, ALCo S-2 Diesel Switcher:
Item 20-2938-1, Boston & Maine version will be offered in two, rather than three, prototypical road numbers (1264 and 1265), as the B&M painted only two S-2s in this scheme. Other engines on this page will be offered in three road numbers, per our usual practice with Premier diesels.

Page 82, Boston & Maine GP38-2 Diesel:
Item 20-2951-1, Boston & Maine version will not have dynamic brake housing, per prototype.

Page 94, Woodsided Reefer:
Note that all four billboard reefers shown on this page are prototypical paint schemes.

Page 107, Flat Car with PUP Trailers:
Although not shown in photos, these cars will have a trailer hitch supporting each trailer, per prototype.

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