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O Gauge RailKing 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Car
  • Morton Salt


O Gauge RailKing 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Car
  • Long Island


O Gauge RailKing 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Car
  • Union Pacific


O Gauge RailKing 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Car
  • Canadian Pacific

2022 RailKing O Gauge 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Cars Announced

December 7, 2021 - M.T.H. Electric Trains will be releasing the RailKing O Gauge 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Car in four select liveries beginning early next year. Each of these unique schemes will be available in in limited production quantities and will begin shipping to M.T.H. Authorized Retailers in March 2022.

Until the advent of the covered hopper, bulk commodities like grain and cement were packed in sacks and loaded into boxcars. Loading and unloading was a tedious, time-consuming affair. In the 1930s, a few railroads took the basic coal hopper design and added a roof with loading hatches, enabling bulk commodities to be loaded from the top and unloaded from the bottom. In 1953, Pullman-Standard’s 70-ton PS-2 became the first mass-produced covered hopper to be widely owned by U.S. railroads.

But these pioneering covered hoppers had one problem: Like other cars of their time, they were built on a frame with a center sill, or support beam, that ran down the middle.
Some of the load would cake or collect on the beam, making it difficult to fully unload the cars. In 1961, American Car and Foundry solved the problem with the first center-flow covered hopper, with its support beams on the outside of the frame and unobstructed, full-width unloading doors. Today’s cylindrical hoppers are all descended from that ACF innovation. Our model represents a modern 100-ton, 4-bay car designed for lighter density loads like grains and plastic pellets; denser commodities are generally shipped in 2- or 3-bay cars.

Check out each of the schemes in the list on the left.



In addition to the M.T.H. releases, you can find all the 2022 Custom Run models of the RailKing 4-Bay Cylindrical Hopper that M.T.H. is producing for M.T.H. Authorized Retailers by going HERE.

Product Features

  • Intricately Detailed, Durable ABS Body
  • Metal Wheels and Axles
  • Die-Cast 4-Wheel Trucks
  • Fast-Angle Wheel Sets
  • Needle-Point Axles
  • (2) Operating Die-Cast Metal Couplers
  • Detailed Brake Wheel
  • Near-Scale Proportions
  • Unit Measures: 13 3/8” x 2 3/8” x 3 7/16”
  • Operates On O-31 Curves