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M.T.H. Releases Updated iOS DCS App, Android Version Coming Soon

December 26, 2023 – M.T.H. Electric Trains has released an updated iOS version of the DCS App that brings the app current for iPhones and iPads running iOS 13 or later. The update fixes bugs and improves functionality for all versions of the DCS app (Free, Standard, and Premium) and is NOW available in the Apple APP Store.

In addition to the iOS version of the DCS App, a new Android version of the app is expected to arrive in the Google Play Store soon. Like the iOS version, the updated Android version will correct bugs and improve functionality for all DCS App versions running on Android devices.



An entirely new DCS App for both iOS and Android for use with the DCS WiFi TIU system announced in late 2020. The new 2024 apps will be released when the DCS WiFi TIU (WTIU) hits store shelves next Summer and IS REQUIRED for phone and tablet control of the DCS WiFi TIU. Users will not be able to use the latest versions of the DCS App to run the new DCS hardware when it's released as there are many new features and functions coming with the new hardware that the current app is unable to activate.



The long awaited DCS WiFi TIU will finally enter production in 2024. Like many electronic devices, from televisions, computers, cameras, applicances and automobiles, the release of the DCS WiFi TIU was severely affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Global component shortages and significant disruptions to the engineering and design work pushed the hardware back nearly two years from M.T.H.'s original delivery estimation.

Over the coming months, more details about the new features found in the DCS WTIU and 2024 DCS App will be announced. Subscribers to the MTH E-Newsletters will automatically receive those updates as they are published.